Defens Mu exp: 999999999999999999 drop: 10000000

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Defens Mu exp: 999999999999999999 drop: 10000000

Post  TheLaMMz on Mon Sep 06 2010, 11:36

Defens Mu Information:
Server Name: Defens Mu
Server Version: 0.99.8
Server Location: Bulgaria
Server UpTime: 24/7

Server Information:
Experience: 9999999x
Drop rate: 100%
Bless Bug: ON
Max level: 400
Max reset: 1000
Max stats: 32767
Max items: +13+16
Stat Points Per level: DK/DW/Elf - 12 MG/DL - 14
Reset level: 400
Reset Zen: 1,000x ResetNumber
Reset points: Keep Stats
ClearPK Zen: 10M x Kills
Guild create level: 100

Server events:
- Blood Castle Event
- Devil Square Event
- Chaos Castle Event
- White Wizard Event
- Golden Dragon Event
- Red Dragon Event
- Kalima Kundun Event



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