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[Release]CraftMu webSite

Post  krish42 on Sun May 17 2009, 17:21

Hello everyone!
I have maked a realy cool website called CraftMu WebSite!
Global Menu:

* News (CuteNews System)
* Registration (secured)
* Downloads (Modified)
* Server Info (Modified)
* Top Players (Modified & Secured)
* Top Guilds (Modified & Secured)
* WebShop (Modified)
* Forum (Modified)

User Options:

* Reset Character (Modified & Secured)
* PK Clear (Modified & Secured)
* Stats Adder (Modified & Secured)
* Bug Fixs (Modified & Secured)

Download Link: http://yy.lv/upload/index.php?ACT=4&f=44157&ext=RAR

All is 100& fixed to non hack.
All right reserved by CraftMu Team and me Joblis.
webSite is for lil price but its not big.


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