[AD]muo.lanser|Season 3.2|Exp:120|drop:40%|Grand Opening 3 March 16:00 (GMT+2)!

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[AD]muo.lanser|Season 3.2|Exp:120|drop:40%|Grand Opening 3 March 16:00 (GMT+2)!

Post  klavs2111 on Sat Mar 03 2012, 22:15

After a long time, our team was working with a lot of Mu online projects.
Now, we are back together, to create a server for people,
who knows what the main values is. You can expect a great gameplay,
non-corrupted administration, and a really hard game! Join us!
To be the first warrior in the lines!

WEBSITE: LanserMU Mu Online

Here you can expect an unique server configuration:

Season 3 Episode 2
PVP Server Exp: 120x
Drop 45%
Reset 380
Max Stats 65000

Server Events:

# Blood Castle (Reward: Box Of Kundun +5)
# Chaos Castle (Reward: All Kind Of Jewels)
# Devil Squear (Reward: 3x Box Of Kundun +4)
# CryWolf (Reward: Many Exe Items)
# Illusion Temple (Reward: Fenrir)
# Sky Event (Reward: Anciant Items + Exe Items)
# Happy Hour Event (Extra Exp & Drop)

Server Shops:

# No Jewels
# No Wings
# No Boxes
# No AG & SD
# Items +0
# Not all Quest Items

Enjoy The World Of muo.lanser.
Powered by MuGuard&Pinkof anticheat system.
Play Safe!

Contact with Administration:
E-Mail: lansermu@inbox.lv
Skype: sjide94

Before our server was online we got 500+ online.
Full working CS and much more. This is server for what you were looking for!

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