[AD] Mu.Gunz.LV|Season 5.4|Exp:Max|drop:80%|Grand Opening 15 February 18:00 (GMT+2)!

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[AD] Mu.Gunz.LV|Season 5.4|Exp:Max|drop:80%|Grand Opening 15 February 18:00 (GMT+2)!

Post  klavs2111 on Sat Feb 11 2012, 20:00

Mu.Gunz.LV Season 5 Grand Opening 15 February 18:00 (GMT+2)!

Website: http://Mu.Gunz.LV/

The server finally returned ..
The server oficala found
Games gameplay based on a moderate experience, and is relieved by the variety of options
Happy to see you among Mu.Gunz.LV Gamer!
Safe and called friends to join!
We are developing and growing, saying the games configuration and ending with the web-site opportunities.
Let us provide Mu.Gunz.LV administration

This is FREE Mu.Gunz.LV Team 24/7 private game server!

Server count: 1 (PVP*)
Server Exp: Max
Item Drop: 80%
Ancient Drop: global
Exe Drop Rate: global
Soul Rate +L: 80%
Soul Rate N: 75%
CM Rate: 75%-60%
Spots: global + additonal
Shops: global + additional
Monster HP: global
Max stats: 65000
New characters:The Summoner, Bloody Summoner, and Dimension Master
New classes:Grand Master, Blade Master, High Elf, Duel Master, Lord Emperor
Events:Sky Event, Blue Event, Happy Hour Event, Halloween Event, Devil''s Square, Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Deep Loren Invasion, Golden Mob Invasion, White Wizard Invasion, Castle Siege, Crywolf, White Wizard Invasion, Deep Event, Golden Events+, Dracon events, Soldier invasion, New (custom) events, GM Events
Extra Features: Skill Tree works, Online point shop, Rich web features, Newbie awards, WebShop (Set shop), WebMarket, Stat seller, Can`t buy Stats, Exchange system, VIP system, Forum, Different Competitions, Messenger, Public Chat and Advertising, Different currencys, Different languages, Personal store, Duels, Friend system, Guilds, Guild Wars, Soccer, Aliances, Hostility, moore...
Working maps: Stadium, LostTower, Atlans, Tarkan, Icarus, Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Dungeon, Castle Siege, Chaos Castle, Blood Castle, Devil Square, Loren, Cry Wolf, Aida, Kantru, Barracks, IllusionTemple, LostKalima, Elbeland, Swamp, Raklion
Working pets: Horn, Dinorant, Fenrir (Wolf) 4 kinds !, Dark Horse, Dark Spirit (Bird), Summoned pets

*PVP-Player versus player (in game, player`s can kill each other)

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