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Adalheidis is a free RPG MuOnline game, using 1.0.0v server version. In order to level up your character level, you will have to search and hunt monsters from all over the Mu Continent of Adalheidis. Gaining experience in our server is pretty difficult thing to achieve, because experience you will be playing with is 23x. Practice, and be well prepared for the real battles against the evil spirit, because those monsters are stronger than you think! All the game personas earn 5/7/7 level up points, per every level up. To increase your speed, strength, vitality or energy, feel free to use them however you wish to - it's your own way of expressing yourself in building your own strongest heroin the Adalheidis Mu Online Continent!

The long waited moment will come, when you will have to move to the other map of the Continent, to look for stronger species you haven't destroyed yet. To defeat them, you should be well prepared not only with your new battle skills, but also with good armors, swords and shields. Since server item dropping rate is 40%, you will be able to collect the gold, and/or the items dropped from the monsters you have defeated. This will help you to open your personal on-line store, fully filled with the items you wish to sell, and use that gold you earned, on the items you wish to buy and wear. There are plenty of good shops around the Lorencia town bar, have a look at them, maybe you'll find something interesting or what you're looking for!

Once you bought your wanted items from provided NPC (Non Playing Character) shop or from other opponents in the game, you can upgrade them with stones known as Jewel Of Bless, Jewel Of Soul and/or Jewel Of Chaos. These stones aren't easy to find or get, because you cannot buy them in NPC stores. To upgrade your wanted equipment up to +6, you have to have 6 Jewel of Bless stones. To upgrade item from +6 up to +9 you will have to have 3 Jewel of Soul stones. If your item don't have (+Luck +25%) Option, there is possibility that the Jewel of Bless or Jewel of Soul stone will burn all the (+) levels added to your desired equipment. When you have your equipment leveled up up to +9, you now can upgrade them from +9 to +11. When upgrading item up to +10, Chaos Machine success ratings are 70%. When upgrading up to +11, Chaos Machine rating is small bit lower 60%, by means that item can be either successfully upgraded or burned down to level +9. Making items +12 Success ratings goes down by 10%, which means that now only 50% possibility that your item will be successfully upgraded up to +12. Upgrading +13 is going to be very annoying and also exciting part of the item upgrading process, because chaos machine success rating for +13 level upgrade is only 45%. Make sure your items are with (+Luck) options, this makes life and game way easier!

Collecting Gold in Adalheidis Mu Online continent is also very important thing, and isn't really an easy task to get it or earn it. We would like to recommend you to save your gold from time to time, don't be wasting it here and there, because Gold in Adalheidis is one of the most important things on which players should be mainly focused on. Each character has a maximum limit of 50,000,000Gold in their Inventors.

Adalheidis has lots of entertainments itself, but not only you will be able to level up your character, you will also be able to try a wide range of great full working events such as Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square and most liked of all - The Castle Siege event, which will be held only once a month. Make sure you are strong enough to compete against the other fighters around the Continent of Adalheidis!


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