Asgarth MuOnline Low Rate Long Term

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Asgarth MuOnline Low Rate Long Term

Post  Incubus on Fri Jan 28 2011, 13:01

Asgarth Presents ...

• Experience Rate: 15x
• Drop Rate: 30%
• Reset Level: 400
• Reset Type: Reset Stats – 300 Point Bonus
• Reset Payment: 10.000.000 Zen
• Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 50% (+10% for items with luck)
• Jewel of Life Success Rate: 50%
• Chaos Machine Success Rate: 65%, 60%, 55%, 50%
• DEDICATED SERVER (Powerful i7 Dedicated Server, 8GB RAM, Gigabit Connection)


• Global Chat (/post at level 50, 100 000 Zen Required)
• In-game Stats Adder (No switch required) (/str, /ene, /agi, /vit, /com)
• Golden Archer (Trade 5 renas and get 1 excellent item)
• Custom Quests (Visit the NPC in front of Lorencia bar)
• Lottery NPC (Somewhere in Devias safe zone)
• 3D Camera (Amazing 3D Camera , rotate with the mouse)
• Mini-Map (Available on every map)
• Over 30 NEW MOBS and NPCS (Custom made)
• No Speed bugs (Even if you are full stats you can use all your skills without any bug)
• Mercenaries(Bodyguard) (Once you get a chaos and some zen you can use /summon followed by one of these names Ptal - Any level, Erat - Requires level 50, Ahront - Requires level 150, Amael - Requires level 250, Varah - Requires level 350)
• 2 New Jewels (first for adding up to 3 exc opts , second for increasing pendant/rings level)
• Premium System(VIP) (Up to 3 levels)
• All classes are balanced!
• Castle Siege Battle (Win the Siege and gain access for you and your guild to special map where ancient items drop)
• 99% NO BUGS (1% represents minor bugs which don't affect gameplay)
• Cash Shop (Seals,tickets and many other)

Custom Season III Episode I
We offer an original, bugless and fully customized Season III Episode I !

• All Season 1 Features working with no bugs
• All Season 2 Features working with no bugs
• All Season 3 Episode 1 Features working with no bugs
• Vote Reward (Available on website , vote and get 5 Cash which can be used in Cash Shop which is in-game , available by pressing X key on safe zones)

About Asgarth:

• Pro Server
• Longterm
• Friendly Staff
• No Overpowered Donors (we care about every player, we have no such thing as full option items)
• No Random DB Wipes
• Paid Anti-hack System (For your safety)
• Every 24 hour our DB backup (Automatic task)

Discover once again the fun in MuOnline, playing a classic Mu Server with all working features and no gameplay bugs. We are working hard to keep our players satisfied and make our game much more interesting!

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